Tuesday, February 5

House of Blues

As I was standing in my closet this weekend putting outfits together, I realized I am a long ways from full spectrum.  There is plenty of gray, and tons of black, and even a fair amount of pink.  But the one color there is little to none, is Blue!  I don't mind blue, so I really am puzzled as to why I always tend to shy away from it when selecting new items.  I  actually will state in a store to a salesperson "no thats blue, I dont wear anything blue"!  Why? I have no idea.  The only thing I can think of is that I would need to purchase more than that one item to have choices, and that seems like a major closet addition! 

So I am vowing to add more colors to my closet this spring, and I will start with blue.  It won't be easy for me.  I always gravitate to pinks and grays!  What is your go to color?  Are you like me, with a tipped scale to one color?

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