Thursday, November 8

Day to Night

Night~ Leggings  Blouse  spike cuff  wrap bracket  shoes  bag  

Traditionally, in my single days, Thursday night was a great night to meet the girls out for happy hour.  If you wanted a good spot at the bar you had better plan on arriving early.  That meant a little day to night transitional outfit. These leather trimmed leggings would easily transition into the evening with a few change ups and voila! Although today is Thursday, and I am meeting the girls out tonight, it is a completely different set of plans.  No early arrival at the bar for a good seat.   Just an early arrival for some private shopping.  What do your Thursday evening plans look like?  

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  1. this is a great outfit!! have fun tonight!!! hopefully i will see you next thursday at the madewell event?? miss u!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you're wearing tonight at Hall's!

  3. Oh wow what a beautiful day to night!

  4. Great transition pieces!! Love it!



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