Friday, April 13

Friday's Feature

I have been planning and working late many nights on the presentation of my first series.  I am so excited to share the lineup of designers and artist I have rounded up for you.  I wanted to share with you what I thought was a creative, unique, or inspiring designer or artist.  Being artistic is a talent.  Sometimes the talent is in the eye of detail, or  to the creativity of the design. Sometimes it is simply thinking outside of the box!!   It may be from the tip of your pencil or brush, to the delicate twist of the wrist, or to the end of your spoon!!   So beginning next week I will start my first series of Friday's Feature.  Every Friday I will showcase a new artist and their work!  I am so thrilled and pleased at the generosity of the artist in sharing their story and products.  I have an amazing lineup, so find a comfy spot to read on Friday and join me as I showcase their talent.

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