Thursday, April 12

Beach Bags

Its that time of the year where the decisions run high!!  What you carry to the beach is almost as important as what you carry in it!!  Staples for a day in the sand is a good bag, snacks, H2O, sunscreen, tunes, and your sunnies!!  My favorite is 5, 6, and 7!!  I love the beach!!  My girlfriend Liz has been in Florida all week at the beach.  I'm jealous.  She will be sporting a golden tan next week!  

1.  Farmers Market Tote  J Crew
2.  Kate Spade Pink Stripes  Nordstroms
3.  Mar Y Sol Aix Straw  Calypso St Barth
4.  Echo Handbag  Macys
5.  Michael Kors Santorino  Harvey Nichols
6.  Sensi Studio  Calypso St Barth
7.  Street Level Nautical Stripe  Nordstroms
8.  Teresina Tote Crate and Barrel

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  1. super fun! i love #2! have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Sandy it makes me wish I lived closer to the beach!

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