Tuesday, March 20

Confetti or Bubbles.......

I started painting last year.  I have always been creative and have a pretty good eye for style so I am told.  I had seen a painting of a cluster of circles with the illusion of falling called confetti and I loved it.  I am one of those people that when I see something I immediately wonder if I could make it myself.  I love a good challenge.   I also know however, when it is a better decision not to attempt it!!  I started painting on small canvas artist boards and had no real rhyme or reason to the themes.  I painted a few boards ombre (gradient) style, and even was commissioned asked to paint a picture of monkeys for my grandson's room.  It must have been ok as I was asked to paint turtles for my other grandson's room.   I will let you know how that turns out!  

I painted abstracts, circles, lines, even tried to add a little texture to the canvas with some stiffener and a piece of raw silk.  It didn't look as good on canvas as the idea looked in my head!!  I live with an artist.  No really.  A real artist.  He has a true god given talent.  So my critic is schooled, and tested at the finer points to art.  When I described my "circle" idea to him he said he would just need to see it.  So I started with a 11x16 canvas and proceeded to compass out circles.  I then meticulously began the task of painting circles in various shades.  It was time consuming staying in the lines.  It was not fun.  But I learned from the piece.  I think that was the lesson. He loved the concept and encouraged me to do a larger piece.   So,  I had this canvas downstairs that I had previously thought I would paint an abstract on for above the sofa.  I gathered the lessons I learned from the smaller canvases and started on this one.  It is a 24x48.  I did not draw any circles on this canvas to paint.  I free-handed them all and love the non uniformity to them.  Confetti is not perfect. The circles are not perfect.  That was what I wanted.  It is white, silver and gold.  Confetti.   Sometimes when the light hits the silver they shimmer.  I added a soft shade of pink and yellow to it.  I am very happy with the way it turned out. Pictures here do not do it justice.  It hangs on a large (and I do mean large) wall in my kitchen.  I need to find complimentary pieces to complete the wall.  Any ideas?  I am open to suggestions.  Who knows it may end up downstairs and this wall will be bare once again. 

Pretty good circles for free hand if I do say so myself!

All photos by Lisa

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  1. Love this! I am all about DIY art - especially if I see something in the store that I KNOW I can recreate for a fraction of the cost. Found you through the KC Bloggers board and have been browsing your site. Love it!



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