Thursday, March 1

Clutch love

Let me just start by saying, pictures do not due this justice.  I was so excited to get this package in the mail.  This is my first Kslade clutch, but I promise you it won't be my last.  

 I ordered this beauty a little over a week ago and it arrived over the weekend!  I am so excited to carry it.  I have never really carried a clutch but I wanted a fun alternative to those time when we go out (obviously after this post it will not be for dinner for 40 days) and I just needed a small bag.  I decided on the silver snakeskin even though it was not what I would generally pick out.  I guess you could say I am trying new things.  I usually would have gone for the leopard.  I am glad I picked this one. 

I love the detail of the leather.  It is the perfect size for a few essentials to run around on the weekend, or to go to dinner.  I think I will use it a lot.    


She was so sweet and even sent me this keychain as a gift.  She offered them as a gift with your order two days after I ordered and was sweet enough to let me have one as well.  Thanks Kelsea.  Don't you think that is a rich purple?   

Look at all the colors.  I just love them all.   

This will be my next clutch love!!  (Duh.... its pink!)


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