Friday, March 27

Mirror Raybans

Happy Friday!  This week has flown by and I have a busy weekend planned playing catch up still from being sick. What do you have planned for the weekend?  Anything fun?    This is not the first time I have shared this hot pink top with you.  See how else I styled it  here.    I bought this blouse in three colors.  Do you buy in multiples too?   It seems a bit ridiculous but on sale I couldn't resist.   It's so comfy and right now Express offers them buy one get one 50% off.  Gotta love a good price for a versatile piece.  But the real show stoppers are these mirrored pink Ray Bans!  In love!!  Absolutely hands down my favorite pair right now.  Joe even put them on and liked them despite being pretty pink and girly.   I suggested he purchase the green or blue (then I can wear his too) I'm sneaky that way!!  I shopped my closet again with my skirt and scarf.  If you really invest in pieces that are more timeless than trendy you can get a lot of use out of your wardrobe.  Have you shopped your closet lately?  Need some ideas or help?  Shoot me an email and I will help you utilize your closet to the fullest.   

Similar  stripe skirt ~  PortofinoTop ~  Scarf ~  Watch ~  Sunglasses ~  Lips ~  Nails ~ Shoes ~ Bag ~ Pearl bracelet Stella and Dot ~ Leather wrap bracelet ~

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Thursday, March 26

Jean Trends

This years trend with jeans is a throw back to the 70's look.  Wide legs, high waisted, and flares.  I don't intend to jump on the trend of high waisted, but I would consider a boot cut or flare.  I gathered some great choices for the look that works best for your body type.  I really like number 4 and number 5.  What is your favorite?  Would you wear high waisted?.... is this a repeat style for you like it is for me? I asked around the office and several gals in different generations all had the same answer.... No to the high waisted, but yes to a good boot cut or flare.


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

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Wednesday, March 25

Pastel Colored Jeans

We made it to Wednesday! YAY!  I'm feeling better ever day and I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes, emails, and text.  I really appreciate all of you and I am so blessed and thankful to call you all my friends!  Even if some of you are only cyber friends!   I shared earlier this week my love for shopping Target and the great things you can sometimes find there.  This tee is another example.  I love adding colorful tees at such a reasonable price point ($5 on sale, reg $9) cant beat that!!  At that price you would think they don't hold up well but they are super soft and I think thicker, not to mention less expensive than Old Navy tees.  I am shopping my closet a lot and loving the combinations.    These colored denim jeans have paid for themselves many times over.  I know the trends are changing with jeans (think 70's vibe) but a few slim leg pair are always going to be a staple for me.  This is where you as an individual cannot get lost in a trend to stay current.  I suggest you make slight modifications and still dress in your comfort zone.  I honestly can say... I do not see myself wearing wide leg, or high waisted denim.  Period.  Been there done that!  But... I will pick out some favorites and share that If I did follow this trend I would wear. 

Pom Pom Scarf old but love this one  and this one  is on sale ~  Converse ~ Sunnies ~ Watch ~ Nails ~   Alex Ani bracelet ~ Leather wrap ~ Mint jeans ~ Top ~ Handbag ~

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Tuesday, March 24

Spring Lipstick

I spent a little time at the makeup counters  recently and played with all the fun lipstick colors.  It really is a finishing touch to your face don't you agree?  Lipsticks can out live their place in your bag if you're not careful.  There is a shelf life to them and you should alway check with the makeup counter you pick yours up from to see what is recommended.  So here are a few favorites I found and have already added the pinks to my makeup!  What is your favorite brand?  Would you wear any of these colors? 


In order from top to bottom  1 //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //

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Monday, March 23

Pink Flamingos

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  It was beautiful weather and perfect temperatures to open the windows for a cross breeze here.  It was nice to air out the house after being cooped up for two weeks.  I still am recovering from pneumonia and have a small amount of energy before I am just tired.  It's frustrating to be feeling better but still not all the way there yet.  I am hoping this week will be a good turnaround week for me!   Are you guilty of shopping at Target and always picking up something cute to wear?  I almost every trip have to at least scan the clothing for something cute and they almost always have a great sale price.  I spotted this flamingo tee and didn't hesitate to grab it!  A double play... Cute and affordable! 






Tee ~  Scarf, love this one  and this one ~ Jeans ~ Converse ~ Sunnies ~ Bag ~ Ropes Bracelet ~  Leather wrap bracelet Watch ~ Nails ~ Lips ~

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Thursday, March 19

GaGa for Gingham

Gingham.... It's everything and everywhere.  I am loving all the options and styles.  I have so many favorites in this roundup I am giddy.  Starting with these comfy pink lounge pants, shirt dress, wrap top... LOVE and those sandals??  Well hello!!!  I'm not overly partial to colors when it comes to gingham, I think a wide range of colors added to your wardrobe opens up your closet to so many outfits.  What is your favorite?  

ScarfLounge pants ~ Tie ~ Hat ~ Bow Tie ~ Strappy sandal ~ Shirt dress ~ Wrap cardigan with tie belt ~ Peplum Top ~ ToteCardigan sweater  ~ Long sleeve button front ~ Cropped pants ~ Skinny strap tank ~ Midi Skirt ~ V open shoulder top ~ Wrap top ~ Pink gingham

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Monday, March 16

8 Days

Hi..... It's me!  I've been missing for days now.  But I really wasn't gone, just down.  Yes down.   Down with pneumonia. You never plan to be sick, or pencil in a week of missing everything... it just happens.  

 Day one I thought "oh great, a cold"..... then day two, the chills and the aches start and I began to think even worse the flu.  By the morning of day three I actually..... yes if you know me you know I contemplated it.... going to work.  But by the time I was out of the shower my fever was back and holding strong.  Off to the doctor I went thinking there is nothing you can do for the flu but wait it out.   Once there it wasn't long before I was having a breathing treatment and in for chest X-rays.  Pneumonia.  I don't have a phone dump of pretty pics of my past week, or pics from the most gorgeous week's worth of weather we have had this year.  But what I do have is a rekindled appreciation for being healthy and enjoying even the smallest of moments and victories.   I have the best friends who snuck to my door and dropped off a care package only to text me a picture of them leaving the scene of the drop to let me know it was there.   They know my love for sweets runs deep! 

I have tons of photos from the weeks prior to becoming sick waiting to be edited, and a few collaborations I am still working on.  Insert excitement!!  So be patient with me this week, I am still low on energy and have a long to do list of catching up and I can only imagine the amount of emails waiting!   Missed you all!  xo 

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