Friday, September 19

Weekend travels

Happy Friday peeps!  This week has been a busy one!  I booked my flight to Florida for a week in November for business and I added 4 days to the end to hop over to Palm Beach to visit Gayle.  Watch out girls weekend!!  Today I am headed to Minneapolis for the weekend for my nieces wedding.  Rachel and Gary have been dating for 5 years and it is such a wonderful love they have.  It will be a family reunion for sure.  I can't wait to catch up with my cousin from Boulder, and her brother and his new wife coming from Seattle.  We grew up together and it is fun for us to sit back and watch the younger generation of cousins get together and enjoy each others company.  Booking the flight to Florida, and traveling this weekend to the wedding completes two more things on my 50 x Fifty list!  See my progress here.  

Do you have anything fun planned for your weekend?  If you want to see what I am up to over the weekend and catch all the wedding fun then be sure to follow me on instagram!  

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Wednesday, September 17

Weekly Favorites

Happy Wednesday!  This weeks favorites are a bit random, but favorites non the less.  I saw this bag on my instagram feed and loved it immediately.  I know, you're thinking its just an ordinary speedy.  The ends which are solid black leather pull out to take on a more trapeze look.  Talk about taking on another look, this Ann Taylor cape with the zipper sides makes wearing a cape not just for super heroes!   Now you know I love a good monogram and who doesn't need a shaker for their bar cart... this would make a perfect wedding gift too!   Another monogram love of mine is this Lulu Frost necklace.  You may have seen it a while back on my instagram.  There is something wonderful to just a lone initial don't you think?   

Now I know I shared fall lips and transitioning your makeup to fall here, but this rich creamy Laura Mercier lipstick is so pretty.  It is dark for sure, but with the right outfit it would be gorgeous.  Lastly, this bootie is a pretty strong contender for my wardrobe.  What color of bootie would you purchase?  Black or brown?  Leather or suede?  Black is versatile, but there is something softer to the light suede.  

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Monday, September 15

Fall Pieces to Buy Now

Are you someone who sees a new trend and jumps right to it? Or are you more likely to watch and wait to see how it goes over?  I am more of the latter, and always stays true to what really works for me regardless of the current trend or not.  Like I always say.... age appropriate my dears!!  

With that being said here are a few trends that you may or may not want to try.  But remember.... if you don't start working these into your wardrobe now you surely will fall behind the curve of trends. Hot colors generally always sell out by the time the weather is deeming them a necessity.  It will be nearly impossible to  find that perfect item you are wanting in a few months. 

Orange... Anything Orange 
Either you can wear it or you can't.  I can't!  But it makes a bold statement and you should start working it into your wardrobe with a few accessories now, and later when fall is fully in force you will be confident enough to sport this color in something larger like a skirt!  There are many hues to Orange so try on a few to see what works with your skin tone.... and remember, right now you may still be tan from summer so take that in to consideration.  Two months from now this may wash you right out.

The Midi Skirt
A style that has come back around for sure.  This skirt was in style in the 50's and 60's.  Not that I was wearing, heck I wasn't born or even old enough.  But think about watching reruns of say Leave it to Beaver, or Father Knows Best.  The mothers in these shows styled these midi skirts... and almost always had an apron on too!  Haha!  These days you wont find us in the kitchen in our midi skirts with an apron, but you will see them everywhere else.  Hitting at the mid calf, it gives you a polished look that is longer and demure.  To style this skirt now for transition time, try a crop top if you are brave enough to bare your midriff, or for me... I would pair it with a sleeveless tank tucked in with a chunky heel.  When fall rolls around balance this look out with a chunky sweater.  Which brings me to the next item you need.

Chunky Knits
It is not too early to start wearing knits.  Start wearing a few items now that are sleeveless for bare arms, and layer it when the weather gets colder.  Look for sweater dresses to oversized turtlenecks for this fall necessity.

Knee Boots
This throw back to the 60's trend is so hot.  You would be wise to invest in a pair of knee high boots now before we are in full swing of fall and every store has a shopping rush.  They were starting popularity last fall but expect them to be everywhere this year.  Want to transition them from summer to fall? Try them with a graphic-print dress and your ready to sieze the day!

Blanket Coats
These coats are bold with color and can add a dramatic statement to your outfit.  These shawl like coats are perfect when the temperatures are cooler. I don't know about your office but the AC can get pretty cold in mine. 

Nothing new to this other than they are everywhere and so many styles to choose from.  Pair these now with your shorts and casual knit dresses now.... and later  style them with a pair of wide leg pants!  You can't go wrong with a cute pair of sneakers.

So... what trend are you going to try this season?  I definitely will be shopping to add chunky sweaters and knee boots.   

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Friday, September 12

KC Blogger Meet Up Fall Workshop

If you are a Kansas City bloggers then this is for you!   The first ever KC Blogger Meetup workshop is coming up and there are only a few tickets left!!  It's about ways we can all beautify our blog.  Learn from our inspirational speakers - blog design, structuring your post, and photography styling, taking and posing. 

With only a few remaining spots left you will want to sign up soon.   No event would be complete without awesome swag bags (Valued more than the ticket price), awesome giveaways, and an inspirational speaker from a local brand you will know and love!
You can read more about it & purchase a ticket right here:

Let me know if you have any questions and if you have suggestions on topics... we would love to hear them also!    We hope to have more workshops on various topics coming up and look forward to seeing you there!

Purchase your ticket here.


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Wednesday, September 10

Fall Favorites

The one good thing about the season changing is you get to spruce up your wardrobe.  There are a few things that I am planning on adding this season, starting with these below!!  Switching out my boyfriend jeans for a good clean slim cut is a must.  When you start adding layers and chunky sweaters, you don't want to feel sloppy and baggy in your jeans too.  This chunky sweater is just what I need for fall.  I love the large cable knit and the longer hem in back.  So, you know I love The Ropes Maine bracelets... this black and burgundy is gorgeous for fall.  I have my eye on that for sure!  There are some weekends I just don't want to put on jeans and run errands.  I also don't want to run around in sweats either.... this little knit dress is the perfect in-between.  Once the weather turns even cooler, add a pair of leggings and weekends here I come! 

I love drivers and have worn them for many years.  Last year I bought a pair of the leopard calf hair from C Wonder and they were the most comfortable, softest step shoes ever.  I mean ever.  I for sure want to add a new pair this year too.  And speaker of C Wonder.... aren't these loafers adorable?   A few more favorites of mine are graphic sweaters..... um yeah! and plaid, plaid, plaid!  Is it just me or are you loving plaid this year too?  What are some of your favorites you want to add this season? 


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Tuesday, September 9

How to transition your make up from summer to fall

I almost hate to say it.... But fall is here my friends!  It's a mixed emotion for some.  Sure, I love summer and all the fun it brings, but Fall.... that's a whole new level of fun! Crisp air and cool morning, leaves changing to the most beautiful colors of yellow, red, and orange.  Pumpkins and chunky sweaters!  The list could go on and on.  Today I want to share with you how to transition your makeup from summer to fall seamlessly.    
  Lets start at the top and work our way down.
Summer time is perfect for bright blonde hair, and if you are a brunette, your hair most likely lightened or even took an a bit of red... but for fall its time to tone that down sister!  Add a few low lights if your blonde, and for brunettes give your hair an all over color treatment matching your natural color to bring the faded or red tones back to normal and add a few highlights.  Maybe even consider a healthy trim... say over an inch!?  Trimming off the dry ends will give your hair bounce that it may be lacking due to all the sun, water, and chemicals your hair may have been exposed to over the course of the summer.  You will feel fresh for fall!       

 Gilded to Matte lids  Summer time is the time to let your lids shine and glisten with golden shimmery lids.  For fall try out a new brown and accent your eye with a bold cranberry.  My favorites are  Chanel Duo,   Bare Minerals, and Dior 5 color palette.  

Trading in your BB Cream for a creamy foundation  Summertime we opt for lighter coverage while still protecting our complexion.  For fall and cooler temperatures our completion starts longing for moisture in the dryer air.    Switch to a creamy foundation to hydrate your skin while still covering up any imperfections and dry patches.      

 Sun kissed to  Contouring   A bronzer in the summer is the perfect way to get that fresh sun kissed look that adds a shine to high lite your face.  For fall contour is the answer.  Switch up your bronzer for a more matte finish rather than a glistening glow and focus on contouring the face.   

 Pink lips to Creamy and Matte lips It's time to move the bright pinks and poppy hues lipsticks to the back of the drawer to make room for the shades of fall.  Swap out your colors for a few creamy, matted lips.  Try to stay away from anything with too much glisten or sparkle.  Fall lips are all about more muted.  Some of my picks: ChanelMac, and YSL.  


 So spill the beans... will you be switching up your makeup?

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Monday, September 8

Dorm Room Essentials

School is officially back in session.  Your home is quiet and empty.... well for some at least!  If you're one of those that sent your daughter, sister, or maybe a niece off to college, right about now she is making new friends, hustling to class, and learning to live away from home for the first time.  Scary times for some, and others adapt like it's no biggie!  Sending her a care package with a few thoughtful gifts would brighten her day and let her know... hey you may be gone but not forgotten!! I always love receiving unexpected packages in the mail.  My mom recently came across a stack of letters I wrote to her when I was at summer camp and almost every single letter I asked her to send me candy! See... it started early for me! Here is a roundup of a essentials she will be happy to receive and her dorm mates will be jealous!

BKR ~ Scarf ~ Tote ~ Planner ~ Pen, stationary, punch ~ Converse ~ Starbucks 

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