Thursday, April 16

Polka dot portofino

It's that time of the year for finicky weather.  A couple of beautiful sunny days only to be followed by a week of dreary gray days.  This day was clearly a sunny beautiful day.  What made it even better was a few new favorites in my wardrobe.  I don't even know where to start so I am going to start at the top and make my way down the outfit.  

These earrings..... oh these earrings.  Nickel and Suede is not only a local company, but Kilee is a sweet friend and blogger!  Nickel and Suede was created and is totally handmade right here in KC.  Kilee and her husband run their business out of their home and her earring line has exploded as the best earrings and they recently added slit leather cuffs to her line.  Ranging in colors from these gold diggers, to her most recent release watermelon there is not only a color for ever one... but a size as well.  Available in three sizes (mine are mediums) you can choose from solid tear drops or cut outs.  Ready for the best thing about them?  they are 100% leather.  You know what that means... lightweight, basically not even there!  The best feature for an earring with size and impact but not the drag you down feeling. 

My new cuff from Rustic Cuff is perfect for summer.  A white leather cuff with a hot pink thread initial... I am loving how fun this will be all summer.  

Have you noticed my shoes?  these tassel loafers are so fun they are sold out everywhere.  I am so glad I bought a pair before they sold out.  Love them!!  A flat mule, with tassels, and beads = fabulous!!  So what's new in your wardrobe?  

Top ~ Leggings ~ Necklace ~ Earrings c/o ~ Watch ~ Leather Cuff ~ Rope Bracelet ~ Sunnies ~ Lips ~ Shoes ( sold out, similar here on sale 25% off with SHOPNOW) ~

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Wednesday, April 15

Neon Tassels

I am breaking all the "rules" with white before Memorial day.  Honestly I don't think its as much of a rule any more do you?  What are you thoughts on the white rule?   What ever you wear.... if you wear it with confidence you will be fine!  Happy Wednesday!  





Sandals (On Sale 25% off with code SHOPNOW) ~ Bag ~ Leather wrap bracelet ~ Tassel bead bracelets ~ Watch ~ Sweater (Similar top) ~ Scarf (Neon zigzags)~ Pants ~ Hat ~ Sunnies

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Tuesday, April 14

Removing Candle Wax


I enjoy having fresh flowers around my home weekly.  I pick up a couple of bunches from Sams generally and divide them up usually between two or three vases.  I have had great luck with them lasting two weeks before I change them out.  There are a few places a large vase or jar is just too big.  I also love candles in my home and the Capri Blue candles from Anthropologie not only smell good... the jars are so pretty.  I decided to clean one of the jars out of the hardened wax to repurpose the jars.  Flowers + repurposed pretty jars = Perfect!!!  I am going to share with you the easiest way I found to clean the hardened wax out of the jars so you have a clean container.  Its only a few easy steps and a couple of pointers of what NOT to do.


Boil enough water to fill your container.  Using hot pads, pour the boiling water carefully into your jar in a safe location on your counter.   Allow the jar to sit for a few hours,   even better... overnight.  When you come back the wax will have cooled and solidified at the top of the water.  The water allows the wax to soften and as the temperature cools the wax begins to harden and float.  If you have a larger piece of remaining wax in your jar, simply cut it in two with a butter knife and remove the pieces. I recommend not removing the wax from the water before it has completely cooled for risk of burning your hands.  After you remove the wax do not pour the water down your drain.  Here is why...    There may be remaining wax in the water and you won't want that clinging in your sink or down your drain. Dispose of the water in your yard.  As far as the wick glued to the bottom of the jar, I have been successful in prying it up, but it may take a little bit of force.  If you have a colored jar like my red one below, to remove the label do not scratch the glass with anything sharp or the color will scratch off.  


Add flowers, makeup brushes, candy, sea shell.... whatever you like and enjoy.

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Monday, April 13

Beach Days

Happy Monday!  With summer around the corner it's time to get your pool game up to speed.  Weather you're headed to the beach, or your neighborhood pool this roundup will get you there in style.  If you see me at the pool this summer.... don't be surprised if you see this entire roundup on me!! 

Triangl Swimsuit    Coverup    Mar Y Sol Tote   Sunglasses   Hat   Necklace   Sandals

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Monday, April 6

Weekend Fun

Happy Monday.  How was your Easter?  Did you spend time with your family?  I attended Go Blog Social all day Saturday with some fabulous speakers and a room full of bloggers there to be inspired. This year the event was held downtown at The Berg.  A beautiful venue with gorgeous floral arrangements courtesy of Trapp and Company.  I was ready for networking and note taking.  

 When you spend your day being inspired and listening to like minded people share their stories AND you get to do it with your friends, It's always a bonus! 

And what would a day with friends be without at least one mirror selfie? We had a lot of laughs that's for sure!! 

It was an exhaustingly long day, but so worth it.  Have you attended a blogger conference?  If you did, What was your biggest take away?  This was not my first conference and I would be interested in attending ALT conference.  I have heard mixed reviews about this one.  If you have attended share what you liked or disliked with ALT.  I would love to hear everyones take on it before I travel to Utah! 

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Wednesday, April 1

Summer Sandals

It is April 1st, and this is no joke!  I think I can say with great confidence it's officially time to break out the sandals.  I rounded up a few favorites..... okay I really want all of these.  


Via Spiga     Jeffrey Campbell      Melpomeni Toe Ring    Tory Burch    Prada  Seychelles Tassel Sandal ( on sale with code SPRINGSTYLE)    

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Tuesday, March 31

Perfect Cut out Cookies


If you know me then you know I have a weakness for sugar cookies.  My favorite being a soft with frosting.  Now most sugar cookie recipes are pretty standard.  Nothing fancy to them really.  But what I like about my cookies is the touch of pure almond extract I add to them. Not the artificial flavoring either.  During the Christmas season I always make a few batches of spritz cookies... you know, the cookies you use a press with.  It is a simple almond dough but designed to be used in a press.  My family loves them. So it only made sense to add just a hint to my sugar cookies!


I know what you're thinking about now.... "sounds great but rolling dough is a mess". Right?  Well I agree.  My Mother, being a fabulous woman in the kitchen taught me years ago that any dough you chill will do so faster if it's flattened.  This is what makes all the difference in your cookies.  After your dough is prepared and ready to be chilled, lay out parchment paper on your counter and place your dough on it.  Then cover the dough with another sheet of parchment paper and begin rolling it out. If you don't have parchment paper wax paper should work just fine.  Now I like thicker cookies so I try to keep my dough around 1/3 to 1/2 inches thick.  The other great benefit to rolling out on parchment paper is no additional flour has been added to your dough.  This step cuts your chill time from an hour down to approximately 30 minutes.  Just enough time to clean your mess and prepare to cut out your cookies.

So are you ready to make the best cut-out cookies ever?  Here we go!

Serves: Depends on the size of your cut-outs but you should get at least 3 dozen good size cookies.  

What you need:
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1¼ cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1½ teaspoons vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon almond extract
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 1½ teaspoons baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • Decorations or frosting ( I prefer the frosting)
  • Royal Icing (recipe below)
So lets get to mixing:
  • In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt.  I do not pre-sift my flour, however my Mom says it actually makes a slight difference in the measurement. Do whatever you're comfortable with.  Set this mixture aside until you're ready to add it to the wet mixture.
  • In a large mixing bowl, cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy, The time varies depending on your mixer. Add in the egg, vanilla extract, and almond extract and mix until combined.  Now I know your asking about if you add the extra extract will you need to decrease the vanilla?  Nope!  What's a good sugar cookie without Vanilla?  Then it would only be an almond cookie!
  • Add the dry mixture slowly to the butter mixture.  Mix until it is completely combined.

  • This step is what really makes the difference in your preparation.  Roll out your dough between two sheets of parchment paper.  Wax paper will work too, just be careful not to tear it.  Lay your rolled out dough onto a baking sheet and place it in your fridge.  This not only makes it easier to use, it also shortens your chill time to approximately 30 minutes.

  • Remove from the fridge and only remove the top sheet of parchment paper.  Cut your shapes out directly on the dough still with one sheet of paper underneath.  Carefully remove the waste (the dough left between cutouts) and your first sheet of cookies is ready to bake.  If you are only adding colored sugar to your cookies now is when you sprinkle it on.  I bake them for 8-11 minutes however, this time will vary depending on your oven.  You want to keep an eye on them baking to regulate your baking time.  You want to remove them just shy of brown edges.  Allow them cool on your baking sheet for 3 minutes then remove to a cooling rack.  They continue to bake on the sheet so transfer them as soon as you are able to move them without breaking the cookies.  Don't be alarmed that they are not done when you remove them.  They firm up after they cool.

  • Frost your cookies once they are completely cool so your frosting does not slip off.  Royal icing isn't a frosting with a sweet taste, or for that matter not really a taste at all so the cookie is the real show stopper here.   If you are a wiz at royal icing (I am jealous) I bet you can go to town decorating yours. I stress over the whole keep your frosting covered from air with saran wrap.  I did better this time than in the past.  The key really is keeping the saran wrap pressed directly on top of the frosting rather than just over the bowl.  Practice really does make perfect when your working with royal icing!  See my bowls below with the wrap touch the icing. 

    For your Royal Icing Click here for the recipe I use.  It is the best I have found and she has a whole section of FAQ.  




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