Thursday, July 24

Beauty Favorites

Hi everyone!!  How is your week going so far?  With summer heating up and the sweltering temps it can sometime be challenging to feel fresh and put together.  I wanted to share a few new beauty favorites of mine.  I recently cut 6 inches of my hair off.  Yes... 6 inches.  It was looking drab and lifeless and I was so ready for a change and with my birthday approaching what better time then now to begin a new year with a fresh doo!!  With every thing we put our hair thru it's no wonder some of us have any body and bounce to it at all.  I have thick hair so a conditioner is a must.  Introducing S Factor by Tigi Serious Conditioner
 The name Serious Conditioner does not play around either.  This stuff is serious and it doesn't hurt that it smells so good.  I have definitely noticed a change in my hair since adding this to my hair care.  Serious Conditioner is available in tubes or a tub which is a better buy, adds moisture while deeply conditioning your hair to help protect it from the summer wear and tear we put our hair thru.    I recently stocked up with 6 tubes it's that good! 

These.... are a game changer.  I know several of you have heard of them, and for that matter I'm sure alot of you have used them.  I know girls use them because there are too many ooompa loompas running around.  Yes I said it.... some girls turn orange.  Loreal Tan Towels are fabulous and I didn't turn orange. I don't recommend using them for several days straight as I don't know what color you will turn, but I can bet you it wouldn't be pretty!  I bought the body towels and cut each one into 4's sealing them up in a ziplock baggie to stay fresh until the next time you need one.  

 I protect my face from the sun with an SPF 30 and a hat to prevent any more aging.  These tan towels are perfect for evening out your skin tone on your face to blend with your neck and shoulders without the harmful effect of the sun.  They are designed for the body but gentle enough for the face without feeling heavy or clogging your pores.  Loreal Towelettes are infused with Vitamin E and Alpha Hydroxy Acid to smooth and soften your skin.  

Thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your face, then pat dry.  Then take one of your cut sections of the tan towel and gently rub over your entire face gently making sure to go all the way to the hair line and to the ears and over the chin.  Toss the used towel away and rinse your hands well with soap to prevent yellowing of your nails.  Once your face is dry you may apply your makeup and go on with your day.  Your color will gradually appear over the course of the next few hours.  I am happy with my color and it last about three days before I would even consider applying again.  

What beauty finds have you come across lately?  Shop for these and more below.

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Wednesday, July 23

#NSale Weekly Favorites

For this weeks favorites I've curated some of my favorite pieces that I have my eye on at the Biggest sale of the year.   Nordstrom's Anniversary sale began last Friday and it's  a sale you don't want to miss.  They only have these great prices for a limited time so don't miss out on fabulous opportunities to score big for your closet.   My list is plenty big including this Kate Spade case, a new pair of Tory Burch sandals, and in preparation for fall... these gorgeous over the knee boots.  I love both of these jackets and at the sale price I can get them both too!! 

My favorite fashions and designers are on sale and I love getting rewards for shopping for sale items too.  Want to earn rewards just for purchasing what you love?    Sign up for the debit card and all purchases will be taken out of your bank account (this is what I do) and you still receive the Nordstrom rewards :) 

Tory Burch Sandals / Paige Denim Jeans  / Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac  / Michael Kor's Watch  / P J Salvage P J's  / Enzo Angiolini Boots / Sam Edelman Quilted Jacket / Kate Spade Phone Case / Laura Mercier Makeup / Thread and Supply pea coat 

Shop this post and more below!

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Tuesday, July 22

Tip my Hat

Either you can wear a hat or you can't!  Which are you?  I can wear a hat and rock it pretty comfortably all day so when I picked up this hat at H&M I knew it would be versatile all summer.   I have long worn a baseball cap for the days I need a quick hair solution on the weekends for errands, and you will always find me at the pool or beach with a hat in my bag.  This is definitely more fashionable than a baseball cap don't you think?  The humidity and temperatures were high the day I wore this outfit so light colors were in order for a day of outside shopping.  I prefer to shop outside malls rather than larger enclosed malls.  I think the enclosed malls distract me from shopping and I end up frustrated.  Do you ever feel that way too?
 In case your wondering about these sunnies that are on my birthday list I posted here, these are Gayle's I borrowed for a test drive to see if I really liked them.... and I do!  If you follow me on instagram, than you know that I cut 6 inches off my hair after these pics were taken.  I was so ready for a change and could not believe it was so long.  I can't wait to share pictures with shorter hair to see what you think!

Jeans (Exact) ~ Blouse (Exact, option, option ) ~ Hat (Options here and here) ~ Sunnies (Exact, options on sale too) ~ Necklace c/o (similar, love this one too) ~ Watch (Exact, love this one) ~ Bracelet (Exact in diff color here, options here, here and here) ~ Shoes ( Almost identical options here, here, and here) ~ Clutch c/o (Exact, love these option, option, option, and this option) ~ Toes (Exact, options here and here)

Like this outfit? Then Shop this post and more below! 

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Monday, July 21

Black and Blue

Happy Monday!  I remember growing up things you didn't do were mixing patterns, and black and blue together!  Ha... things have come along way! I picked up this Loft sweater on sale recently for the whole purpose of draping it over my shoulders. I paired it with all black and a few pops of white in my accessories to complete the look.  I have been steering away from so much black in my outfits with bold colors and pops of neon.   This blue and white softens up the black well.  

 We are having unseasonable cooler weather at night and while the days are plenty warm, you can get a little chill in the evenings.  I love that this outfit stills looks light and summery while still being functional while out.  Restaurants are generally freezing and I hate to sit in the cold and you never know if a movie theater will be cold. 

Loft-blue -sweater-black-cami






Sweater (Options here and here) ~ Tank Cami  (Options here and here) ~ Pants (Exact)  ~ Earrings (exact, options here and here) ~ bracelet (exact, and this one too) ~ Wedges (option) ~ Sunnies (love these here , here, and here) ~  Necklace (Exact) ~ Lip color (Exact, this option is pretty too) Toes Exact 

Enjoy this look?  Shop the post below and for more options.

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Friday, July 18

#NSALE Shopping

Today is the day!  Are you ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  I know I have been anxiously awaiting.  This is literally the biggest sale of the year among finer department stores!   There are tons of beautiful pieces at wonderful prices.  The best part is that they are pre-fall items, not discounted spring/summer pieces!  I've curated some of my favorite pieces that I have my eye on.  Want to earn rewards just for purchasing what you love?   Don't want another credit card?  Sign up for the debit card and all purchases will be taken out of your bank account (this is what I do) and you still receive the Nordstrom rewards :)  So what are you waiting for.... lets get to shopping! 

What is on your #NSale list?  I'd love to hear!  XO

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Thursday, July 17

Sheer Blue

 I  mentioned last week that my best girl was back in town.  She took these pictures for me as we headed out for dinner on the plaza. We had a wonderful  long weekend catching up and just enjoying some girl time.  I cannot believe summer is half way over too!  I mentioned last year several times that I really wanted to add more color to my wardrobe.... and particularly the color blue.  Do you ever just look at your closet and feel it's missing a spectrum of the rainbow?  The good news is... I now find myself shopping for blues and greens, with pink always an option!  

 What I want to point out is this blouse is my first purchase from H&M.  I have mentioned before that I always felt like it was geared for much younger girls, and cut for them too.  Gayle talked me into giving them another try and I am glad I did.  We found this perfect longer blouse for wearing with legging.  I love that the shoulders are a full cut too so a strapless bra isn't necessary.  I layer my blouse over a lace bandeau, threw on my favorite wedges and it was a comfy outfit for a girls dinner, and for running around it's perfect with flats too.  I picked up several pieces form H&M and love them all.  I'm so glad I gave them another chance.  Now that's not to say I will always be this lucky there, but I will keep it as an option for sure!  Do you have a store that you pass on?  Maybe you should give them another look.... I'm glad I did!   

Blouse  (Options, options) ~ Shoes (Exact, These are great too) Leggings ~ Chain bracelet c/o ~ Loren Hope Bracelet ( exact, love this one) ~ Dainty blue bracelet c/o ~ Monogram necklace (Exact, Options here, and here)  ~ Single initial necklace c/o (options here, and here) ~ Polish


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Wednesday, July 16

Weekly Favorites


Happy Wednesday friends!  I am sharing this weeks favorites hot on the heels of my birthday list!  I bet your asking how these didn't make the list aren't you?  Well... I couldn't make the list too big now could I ?! Some favorites that caught my eye are these 
Alex and Ani bracelets.  I have seen a few friends wearing them and love them.  I want a stack of about three to add to my bracelet collection and what better than my initial.  You can't go wrong there! I also love this, and this for my stack!  Speaking of initials...  Maya Brenner  jewelry is such a dainty option and I love the triple initial necklace.  I would have my three boys initials of course.  This is a perfect  Option  as well.   The new Kate Spade Agenda for 2015 has been released and I love the green.  It is not easy to switch up from the polka dots in gold but hey... every girl needs a little switch up every now and then right? 

With my gallery wall finally in place in my office I am ready to start taking photographs and share my work space with you.  I have the perfect spot in my office for this Boll and Branch cable throw to curl up with on fall nights. Doesn't is just look cozy?    Now I know you have seen the pineapple love this year all over the place, but tell me... how stinkin cute are these Hattan Home jars? Seriously?  I love them.  No favorites would be complete without sandals or pink... or better yet both!  These  Loeffler Randall Sandals are screaming summer fun!  

So what are some of your favorites right now?  Share with me what's going on in your world today!! 

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